Wax Rax receives Interior Design magazine spotlight November 12 2015

David Stanavich is very proud to announce his LP - V3 vinyl record storage tower has been featured in the Fall Market print edition of Interior Design Magazine.

Wax Rax celebrates its second year boutique manufacturing furniture designed exclusively for the vinyl record aficionado and this is a huge honor.


The LP-V3 is shown on page 144 of the Fall 2015 Market tabloid (print edition) of Interior Design Magazine.

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The LP-V3 vinyl record storage tower is fine craft and American design. Our patented design is built to order from anodized aluminum. The thin lines of the LP-V series have the strength of steel and can be finished in decorator colors such as the bronze and burgundy unit shown above. Solid brass hardware is available in a variety of finishes including chrome, antique and statuary bronze.

For the record, Wax Rax is the best.